Paper submission

Paper submission

The Proceedings of this conference will be published in the SPIE Digital Library with over 470,000 papers from other outstanding conferences and SPIE Journals and books from SPIE Press.

We strongly encourage ICHSIP authors to submit a 4-6 page full manuscript of their work by October 8, 2018. The accepted manuscripts will be published as the Proceedings of ICHSIP-32 2018 in a series of a SPIE Digital Library published by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics in early 2019.

Authors can prepare their manuscript using the WORD template for the full manuscript and following the SPIE Manuscript Specifications.

ICHSIP authors will submit their manuscripts to SPIE using this link:

A SPIE Transfer of Copyright form will need to be signed by at least one author of the manuscript and returned to SPIE. The completed form should be returned to SPIE by the contact-author uploading it into our system.