Ultra-high speed imaging to measure the high strain rate deformation of solids

Fabrice Pierron

University of Southampton, UK Abstract


The advent of ultra-high speed cameras providing high quality images has made it possible to measure time and space-resolved deformations of solids using techniques like digital image correlation or the grid method, up to several MHz. This has led to new opportunities in the testing of materials at high strain rates where displacement fields are used to derive strains and acceleration, providing a data-rich base to develop better material models at such high deformation rates (in the 100s to 1000s /s).

This presentation will focus on these opportunities and review the associated challenges, illustrating the arguments with recent research in this field by the authors. The contents will be as follows.

Brief overview of ultra-high speed cameras and challenges for deformation measurements

Opportunity: acceleration as a load cell

Examples of novel applications:

o Time and space-resolved deformations arising from Lamb waves

o Ultrasonic-based high strain rate material testing

o Image-Based Inertial Impact (IBII) tests

Perspectives: where do we go next?

More information: www.photodyn.org